Miranda: ”Hey honey, how was your day ?”

Diana: “Hi mum, uhh…You don´t wanna know. How was yours? Did you sell that old house of Miss Cooper next door?”

Miranda: “Oh, no. I had better things to do than selling that rubbish dump.”

Diana: “ What would that be? Wait. Rubbish dump? Yesterday you said it´s a shame that some old snob will buy it, because its beauty is much more worth than their dirty cash.”

She was staring  at her mother wondering why she changed her mind so fast.

M: “Howsoever.” , she said and smiled. “ Come on, go ahead ! I´ll show you something.”

D: “ What´s wrong, mum?”

Her mother took her  by the hand and entrained Diana to her bedroom. The door, where Diana   stood waiting , was closed and it was unusual dark and cold in the small corridor. Her mother´s eyes  were shiny and her dangerous, red lips shaped a smile. That kind of smile, she always uses if she tries to sell “the most beautiful house in the neighbourhood”.

M: “.I… I just… I just have a surprise for you !”

D:  “ Today is not my birthday is it ?!” ,  she mentioned head-shaking  and stared at the stable, wooden door with the same shiny glance. Her hands were sweating slightly and her mind painted beautiful images of possible gifts.”

M: (laughing) “ No, it´s not. But I felt like… you deserve this.” and while she opened the door she exclaimed; “ Isn´t it beautiful ? I have spend the whole day painting your room and of course to take all these ugly , obscene photos and posters down the wall. And  look ! I also hang up some new pictures of your friends and our family. “

Diana gazed open-mouthed into her bedroom.

Miranda kept talking : “I just had to change something. Your whole old room made one depressive. Oh my god…it´s so much better now. It looks so friendly and inviting. Don´t you think so?”

Miranda spread her arms showing Diana her new bedroom. She was relieved by the thought that she  could  eventually dismiss her daughter´s bad habits. She totally fell in love with her work and idealized it, like she used to. The more she marveled at Diana´s renovated room, the more she ignored her . She didn´t  recognize Diana´s clenched hands, her small eye-slits and her lipstick-red face . She soon didn´t even notice, that she was standing in the same room. Every time Miranda turned into her direction, she tightened her fists and bit her lips. She felt the hot sweat on her hands and her face. Her whole body seemed to burn. Anger, humiliation and hatred were seething in her.

All of a sudden Diana pushed the water-filled bucket, which was standing right next to her, so hard that the water sprayed in every direction. Miranda braced herself on the desk  and watched her daughter , who was running out of the house, wide-eyed. Realizing that the water came from the bucket, she laughed, sat down  and said : “That´s my girl. She is always too excited to keep surprises to herself.  Just like at Christmas eve,  when she couldn´t wait a second to tell her best friend, what she received as a gift. That figures.”

Having left Miranda, Diana went for a walk and sat down on a bench in the park waiting until she cooled down. Hot tears were falling from her nose and her fingers dug into the rotten wood of the bench. She wildly looked around  and her forehead was lined with crinkles . She was thinking about what her mother has done to her. Miranda didn´t only try to change her room, but also herself.     She simply tried to overcoat her mistakes.

” White. She really used white colour. “, it rushed into her mind.

Diana rested her head on her hands like it ached to think.  A couple of hours, she remained motionless until  she heard a heavy car coming to a stop in her immediate vicinity. It was a black Range Rover with tinted windows and from the inside of the car the silent voice of Amy sang “Back to black.”


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